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Your extra gravityforms add-ons


Gravity Extra

Are you working on WordPress projects with GravityForms plugin and looking for extra add-ons to enhance the functionalities of your GravityForms forms? YES, you are in the right place!

Getting Exicted To Grab The Whole Package?

You can purchase each of the Add-On or grab the whole package of add-ons with life time upgraded from our collection?

About Gravity Extra?

We offer Premium collections Of Gravityforms Add-On which do not come by default with Gravityforms plugin that you definitely need for your Gravityforms projects!

Why Choose To Grow With Us?

Clean Code

We follow all coding standards, proof check our code, and perform robust testing so that you receive the best of the best.

Regular and Timely Updates

We truly understand your needs for product updates and keep pouring new in-demand features progressively.

A Heap of Helpful Resources

Our professional products backed by a mine of useful resources including our documentations, demos, knowledge base, forums, emails, and blog.

Easy Customizations

Product customizations are a breeze with us; end-to-end work updates and excellent satisfaction rates.

24x7 Support

We are always here to help you with anything and everything, 24×7.

Dedicated Support Team

Our hardworking support team caters to your needs all the time and gets things done for you.

Mobile Responsive Support

We know mobile responsive is important. So all of our add-on are 100% mobile responsive.

Our Featured Testimonials

Michael Q. Fellmeth

Executive Director at Broadway Play Publishing Inc

Finally, Elegant Checkboxes!

How much does every web designer hate system checkboxes? A lot! Gravity Extra's beautifully styled checkboxes make Gravity Forms with checkboxes so much better. The plugin works great, and the support is top notch. Very happy I made this purchase.

Daniel Roffman

Up Start Park

The only autocomplete plugin you'll ever need!

Bryan and the Gravity Extra team are exceptional!

I purchased their autocomplete plugin for Gravity Forms and had a working version connected to my database in a minute flat.

It's the only such plugin that allows you to display suggestions after a certain number of characters preventing fake/rushed submissions, ensuring the accuracy of your customer's data.

Their support team is knowledgable and the documentation was super easy to follow. Highly recommended! I can't wait to solve more of my form problems with their impressive lineup of plugins for Gravity Forms.


CEO - Bee To Honey Branding

Great customisation and support

Generally, when you install a plugin, you get the "out of the box" features and that's it.

I've contacted these guys a few times now for help in customising the plugin. If it was just a tweak I needed to make in the settings they were more than happy to send me instructions to modify the plugin.

When we needed a feature that was not currently available, we had the option to pay a small additional fee for customisation - I've never known that with anyone else. We had some back and forth to get it right, but in the end, they've given us exactly what we needed - the ability to save uploads to individual files labelled by client name.

I'd recommend this team and any plugins they offer to anyone.

The customer service and support are invaluable.

Thanks guys, especially Bryan.


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