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Are you working on WordPress projects with GravityForms plugin and looking for extra add-ons to enhance the functionalities of your GravityForms forms? YES you are in the right place!

Why Gravity Extra ?

We offer Free And Premium collections Of Gravityforms Add-On which do not come by default with Gravityforms plugin that you definetely need for your Gravityforms projects!

Getting Exicted To Grab The Whole Package?

You can purchase each of the Add-On or grab the whole package of add-ons with life time upgraded from our collection?

Mobile Responsive Support

We know mobile responsive is important. So all of our add-on are 100% mobile responsive.

Our Recent Add-On

Gravityforms + klaviyo integration addon

  • Integrate GravityForms with Klavio
  • Create Contact/Lead Directly To Klaviyo Upon Submission
  • Multiple Feeds Support
  • Custom Field Mapping

Our Featured Testimonials


Founder & CEO, Digitall Marketing Team

Good experience with these extra add-ons. Great job team!
We were using the add-ons provided by Gravity Extra team and was really happy with the result. Thanks for building up these amazing addons for Gravity Forms

MRK Team – Marketing Manager

Great support from the team!
We had a great experience with Gravity Extra team to use their products and with their support attitude as well. They always be there when I need to fix anything!

Managing Director – BOM Digital

Good Quality Services
We tried to purchase add-ons from Gravity Extra team for our WordPress projects and it was a great pleasure to work with them, good quality of services with reasonable price.

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