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1. Gravity Extra Add-Ons

The important thing to understand about Gravity Extra is it’s not a single add on. It’s a bundle of Gravity Forms addons (over thirty, in fact).

All add-ons are modular, so you’re free only to use the ones you want. You don’t need to install features you will not use and fill your WordPress site with unnecessary code.

Gravity Extra

Some of the addons are minor; they do small things like limit word count in certain boxes. Others add-ons are a bit more sophisticated; some create fields for discounts, tax, etc.

It’s the best way to experience everything the plugin has to offer. With Gravity Extra, you can improve and manage all aspects of your forms.

Some of the Gravity Extra addons include:

  • Premium GF Klaviyo Integration – Integrate GravityForms with Klaviyo with ease and amazing features.
  • Premium GF Autocomplete Field – Add an advanced autocomplete field to your project’s form easily.
  • Premium GF Google Calendar Integration – Integrate GravityForms with Google Calendar easily.
  • Premium GF RazorSync Integration – Integrate GravityForms with RazorSync easily.
  • Premium GF OnePageCRM Integration – Integrate GravityForms with OnePageCRM easily.
  • Premium GF AutoConvert Integraton – Integrate GravityForms with AutoConvert easily.
  • Premium GF International Phone Number Mask Input – Enhance GF phone field to become international mask input easily.
  • Premium Auto Populate Country/State/City/Ward – Add an auto populate field for Country/State/City/Ward easily.
  • Premium GF Close CRM Integration – Integrate GravityForms with Close CRM easily.
  • Premium GF PaymentWall Integration – Integrate GravityForms with PaymentWall easily.

2. Gravity Forms Pro Add-Ons

Gravity Forms Pro Add-Ons

We understand you’d like to add more than newsletter capabilities to your forms, so the good guys over at Gravity Forms brought you the Gravity Forms Pro Add-on bundle, only available with a valid Pro or Elite License.

On top of Basic Add-ons, you get 16 more add-ons that will undoubtedly revolutionize your Gravity Forms experience.

gravity forms pro addons

For starters, you can now integrate Gravity Forms with Zapier meaning you have, on the click of a button, access to more than 1,000 other integrations (or web apps). Secondly, you have PayPal Payments Standard, which means good things if you’d like to add payments on your forms.

What else? Let me see. Oh yes, you get other add-ons such as Agile CRM, Dropbox, Slack, Trello, Help Scout, Campfire, Breeze, Pipe Video Recording, and Highrise among others. The Pro License costs $159 bucks per year for three websites with automatic updates and standard support.

3. Gravity Forms Elite Add-Ons

Gravity Forms Elite Add-Ons

For the Gravity Forms power user, you have Elite Add-Ons, the biggest and most potent bundle of the three. For starters, the package supports unlimited websites and is WordPress multi-site ready. Additionally, you get priority support and a total of 43 add-ons.

If you have the Pro License, upgrading to the Elite License gives you an extra 14 add-ons such as 2Checkout, Authorize.net, Coupons, Partial Entries, Surveys, Polls, user registration, and webhooks to provide you with a glimpse of what to expect.

gravity forms elite addons

The Elite License sets you $259 bucks annually. You get detailed documentation will all licenses, so choose what works for you, and get started.

4. Gravity Forms Styles Pro

Gravity Forms Styles Pro

Look at that, we are at number four already, with Gravity Forms official add-ons taking the first three positions. What’s the hurry? Do you want to discover how you can style your forms like a pro without touching a line of code? If that’s a resounding yes, you surely can’t afford to pass up on the Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-On.

As far as styling your forms goes, Gravity Forms Styles Pro Add-on leads the pack. The add-on allows you to create, customize and style form layouts, fields, buttons, radios, checkboxes and so on.

On top of that, you get over 2,000 Font Awesome and Material icons. Additionally, you have pre-built style themes to get you started. And with more options than you’ll ever need, you can customize elements such as border colors & widths, border radius, font color, backgrounds, label font, size & color, and I could go on and on.

Thanks to an intuitive admin interface, you don’t have to dig into code or fight the !important to add awesome styles. This form design add-on offers you endless possibilities to create beautifully responsive forms that boost your conversion rates.

5. Even Tracking for Gravity Forms (Free)

Even Tracking for Gravity Forms

Are you looking to add event tracking to your Gravity Forms forms? Of course, you are, and you’ll love the Event Tracking for Gravity Forms add-on.

Thanks to this Gravity Forms add-on, you can easily add event tracking to your Gravity Forms using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Matomo (formerly Piwik).

Besides, you can set up conditional logic for multiple events, track form pagination, create custom event categories, actions, labels, and values. Further, you can set dynamic event values on payment forms and so on.

6. WP Contact Slider (Free)

WP Contact Slider

If you know yours truly well, you know I have a thing for simple tools that make your work easier. WP Contact Slider is one such tool. Instead of publishing your form on a page of its own, you can display your contact forms across the entire website using a contact button.

When your visitor clicks on the contact button, your form slides into view, which is precisely what the WP Contact Slider add-on does.

Remember that WP Optin Wheel review we did a couple of weeks ago? Where the slide-in popup carried a wheel of fortune to boost conversions? Well, WP Contact Slider does something similar, but instead of a wheel of fortune, your Gravity Forms form takes center stage.

You can create multiple sliders to display on specific posts or pages. On top of that, you can select different positions to display the contact button including the left or right side of your website. Additionally, you can customize the appearance of your contact button and the slide-in forms to match your brand.

WP Contact Slider is easy to set up and use. On top of that, it comes with an Ultimate Add-on bundle that comes with even more amazing features.

7. Surbma Divi & Gravity Forms (Free)

Surbma Divi & Gravity Forms

Do you use the Divi theme by Elegant Themes? If so, you probably already know the theme ships with some fantastic styles for all elements including contact forms.

If you’d like to match your Gravity Forms styles to what the Divi theme has for its forms, you will love the Surbma Divi & Gravity Forms add-on.

Other than marrying your form styling, the add-on adds responsive styles to Gravity Forms, which comes in handy if you have complex forms.

The add-on is lightweight and incredibly easy to use, but you must have the Divi theme to use this Gravity Forms add-on. The best part is the add-on is free.

8. Gravity PDF (Free)

Gravity PDF

Ever wondered how you can generate PDF documents from your form submissions automatically?

Perhaps you run a service-based operation and would like to generate PDF order forms from the data users submit on your forms. Or maybe you’d like to create print appointment sheets.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to achieve; if you need to generate PDF documents from form submissions, you want the Gravity PDF add-on.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gravity PDF is a simple but quite useful Gravity Forms add-on. The add-on comes with a set of awesome PDF generating features you will wonder why it is free, to begin with. It makes creating PDF documents from user data the stuff of fourth graders.

What features are we talking about?

Firstly, you don’t need any 3rd-party APIs, which means you have total control over your forms and PDF documents. Secondly, you can automatically email PDF documents and use conditional logic to have even more power.

Thirdly, you can integrate Gravity PDF with Gravity Forms official payment add-ons to restrict access to PDF documents until payment is captured.

Fourthly, you can brand and customize the PDF document with your logo, font, color, and even paper size. Keep in mind the add-on comes with four pre-made templates to get you started right away.

Other features include a font manager so you can install your fonts and security settings to control who has access to the PDFs you generate. Further, the Gravity PDF add-on comes with premium extensions meaning you can achieve so much more while saving a great deal of time.

9. Gravity Perks

gravity perks

With Gravity Forms official add-on bundles dominating the first part of this post, you’d think we’ve had enough of bundles, but you are wrong. We present Gravity Perks, a powerful Gravity Forms add-on bundle by the Gravity Wiz team.

Gravity Perks is a collection of over 30 add-ons for Gravity Forms. Or as the developer puts it:

Gravity Perks is a platform and delivery system for “perks.” Install Gravity Perks and then activate whichever perks make Gravity Forms more awesome for you. It’s like Jetpack but specifically for Gravity Forms.

Need I say more? Oh wait, you can expect add-ons such as:

  • Nested forms for complex forms
  • An add-on to populate your form fields automatically
  • Conditional logic pricing
  • Preview submission so users can confirm info before submitting the form
  • Word count
  • Automatic login
  • And so much more

Gravity Wiz offers three price plans namely Basic ($49/year), Advanced ($129/yr) and Pro ($259 per year). Choose a plan that is suitable for you.

10. Gravity Forms Entries in Excel

Gravity Forms Entries in Excel

Hidden in a mountain of Gravity Forms add-ons is a gem that you might have been trying to find for a long time. Guys, say a big hello to Gravity Forms Entries in Excel. Without working hard on your part, you can now export all entries from Gravity Forms directly into Excel.

The add-on pushes the data into a .CSV file and then creates a unique and secure download URL. You can then download the data, or send the URL to anybody who needs access to the Excel file without creating new user accounts.

The add-on comes with plenty of hooks allowing you to customize the Excel output how you’d like. Also, there is a great documentation website to get you started, and many users laud the developer for stellar support, even if the add-on is free.

11. Gravity Forms Image Choices

Gravity Forms Image Choices

Rather than add a thousand words in your radio button or checkbox labels, just insert an image. The Gravity Forms Image Choices add-on plugin makes for easy image selection for all radio, checkbox, survey, poll, quiz and product fields.

There’s no need to add HTML in your form labels. With Gravity Forms Image Choices you get a familiar WordPress UI and browsing of the media library to select and insert your image. And it’s kept separate from your label text.

Gravity Forms Image Choices works right out of the box with the existing add ons such as Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Polls add on, Survey add on, Quiz add on and even Product and Product option fields.

Visualize your Gravity forms fields with images and stop adding markup to your form labels once and for all. While Gravity Forms Image Choices comes with some default styling, it’s easy to apply your own styles to give the fields a totally different look.

12. Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms

Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms

Bulk Actions for Gravity forms makes the long process of editing large Gravity Forms a breeze. It can literally reduce an hours worth of form field editing and general form editing of long forms, from an hour, down to just minutes. Bulk Actions for Gravity forms uses a familiar and streamlined user interface to make editing forms quickly and easily.

Need to delete a large amount of fields quickly in Gravity Forms? Bulk Actions for Gravity forms allows you to multi select all the fields you want to remove, and with the click of a button, deletes all the unwanted fields in your form. Amazing when you have 20 + fields in your form.

Want to duplicate fields? Simply select any number of form fields, click the clone or duplicate button and you’ve instantly duplicated any number of form fields within your form, in a matter of seconds. Copying is just as easy. Simply select the copy to form button to clone those fields to another form. Great for quickly creating new forms with the same or similar form fields.

Plus the Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms reorder function makes for super quick drag drop of individual or multiple form fields a breeze. Get your form fields in the order you want in seconds. Select 1 or all your fields and reorder your fields with ease.

13. Gravity Forms to Word

Gravity Forms to Word

Gravity Forms to Word Document Autofill Plugin is a complete document automation solution for WordPress. No more wasting time manually sending Emails to clients, with Word Document Auto-fill plugin, everything is automated.

Data collected from forms is converted into Word documents that can be easily downloaded or emailed to anyone. Capturing data from your form is as simple as creating a new Word Document, Mapping it to your form fields and Generating the document. You can upload any number of document templates and map them to form fields.

The plugin includes tons of options to upload unlimited Word document templates, map your templates to forms (so each time a Gravity Form is filled, associated documents are generated), generate documents on the fly on Gravity Form submission, and then downloaded, emailed or regenerate docs as needed.

14. Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Solution

Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Solution

Set Up Auto-Responders with the Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Solution! One of the best ways of building bridges with your existing and potential customers is keeping them in the information loop at all given times. However, it’r nearly impossible to send emails manually, every time they fill up a form on your website.

The better alternative is to pre-define auto-response emails that can be sent out to your subscribers, when they fill up any form. The Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill Plugin is one such solution, that generates PDF files of the information entered by your users and sends it automatically once the form is submitted.

First you need to create a Gravity Form. Next design a PDF Template with the exact same form fields, and set the name of the Gravity Form field as the name of your PDF template. Then upload and publish it from the Auto-Fill settings. You can also use the Email-template – just add recipient email ids and add a customized message for your auto-responder. Once all of these settings are in place, the plugin starts sending out automated PDF files as attachments in emails whenever a user fills up the form on your website.

Note that the plugin does the addition of the PDFTK files to your server’s root folder. So you might need to contact your server administrator for this, in case your website has a shared hosting plan. But with all prerequisites and settings in place, the Gravity Forms to PDF Auto-Fill plugin makes sending out auto-responders to your customers a breeze!

15. MailPoet 3

Add-on Gravity Forms – MailPoet 3

If you love using MailPoet for your newsletters and Gravity Forms for your signup, you’re in luck. This free add-on seamlessly integrates one of your Gravity Forms with your MailPoet list. This way new visitors can easily subscribe to your newsletter.

The add-on supports fields for name (first, last) and email, as well as multiple lists, opt-in (or opt-out) forms, and MailPoet custom fields. With this free plugin you can have your custom Gravity Forms synced with MailPoet in no time!

Source: https://www.wpexplorer.com/best-gravity-forms-addons/

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