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Gravity Forms Advanced Autocomplete Field

If you need the autocomplete field for the form, you will definitely want this add-on. 

  • Added an Autocomplete field in the “Advanced fields” section where admin can drag it to use.
  • Allow admin to enable/disable multiple selection for the autocomplete field


User can enter list of values by a string or database or a JSON file or Post Type.

1. Input String: you can enter a string as image below and separated by comma



2. MySQL Database Table: Allow selecting source from database table for autocomplete values 



  • ‘Table Name’ field: select the table containing the data as the datasource in the database.
  • ‘Column Name’ field: the column that you want to get in table


3. JSON File: Allow input with uploading JSON file



  • ‘Choose File’ field: JSON file contain data to insert
  • ‘Existing file’ field: the place display the file is just chosen
  • Delete button: to delete the JSON file is just chosen


4. Post Type: 



  • ‘Post Type’ field: user can select post type they have
  • ‘Post Field’ field: user can select ‘post_title’, ‘post_content’, ‘post_author’, ‘post_date’, or ‘post_status’ they want



  • ‘Enable the ability to enter other values than source’ field: If you click on then user can type any values without the database into the field to submit. Default is uncheck.
  • ‘Select multiple value’ field: user can select multiple values for autocomplete field
  • ‘Record Limit’ field: Set the number of records to return for the result – Default value is 20
  • ‘Minimum Input Letters’ field: Define the minimum number of letters for the autocomplete to trigger, default is 1 

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