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Gravity Forms Advanced Start/End Date/Time Range Selection Field

If you need an advanced date/time picker with start/end range selection, you will definitely want this add on.

There are various options you can define for the picker based on your need.


  • Added an advanced start/end date/time range selection field in the “Advanced fields” section where user can drag it to use




  • Option to choose hour format either 12 or 24 hours: Choose the hours format of the time input



  • Option to select the alignment/position of the picker box at ‘Opens’ and ‘Drops’ fields: 
    • ‘Opens’: Alignment of the date picker under the field selection, 



    • ‘Drops’: Position of the date picker around the field selection



  • Option to disable time input so only date range can be selected: Enable/Disable time input in the date picker
  • Option to enable pre-defined presets of date ranges selection: Select to enable pre-defined date ranges of the picker
  • Option to leave the field to be empty by default: Enable the input field to be empty by default
  • Option to enable/disable Single Date Picker: Show only a single calendar to choose one date, instead of a range picker with two calendars. The start and end dates provided to your callback will be the same single date chosen
  • Option to enable/disable Linked Calendars: When enabled, the two calendars displayed will always be for two sequential months (i.e. January and February), and both will be advanced when clicking the left or right arrows above the calendars. When disabled, the two calendars can be individually advanced and display any month/year.
  • Option to enable/disable Dropdowns: Show year and month select boxes above calendars to jump to a specific month and year



  • Option to set min date: The earliest date a user may select
  • Option to set min/max year: 
    • ‘Min Year’: The minimum year shown in the dropdowns when "Show Dropdowns" is enabled
    • ‘Max Year’: The maximum year shown in the dropdowns when "Show Dropdowns" is enabled
  • Option to add CSS classes



  • Option to update locale object with:
    • Custom Date format: Custom date format, by default: MM/DD/YYYY
    • Custom Apply label: Custom apply button label
    • Custom Cancel label: Custom cancel button label
    • Custom Separator: Custom separator, the character between start and end date
    • Date of Week: Enter an array consisting of the days of the week
    • Custom Month Name: Enter an array of month names


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