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Gravity Forms + ClickSend SMS Integration Premium

  • If you use ClickSend SMS for your business and the Gravity Forms plugin, you’re going to want this add-on
  • Integrate your Gravity Forms forms so that when users submit a form entry it will send SMS to desired mobile phone number instantly


All features:

You need to create a ClickSend free account to use the API to receive SMS messages when a Gravity Form is submitted



1. Send SMS through ClickSend SMS upon GravityForm submission



  • ‘Name’ field: enter a feed name to uniquely identify this setup
  • ‘From’ field: phone number or Alphanumeric Sender ID that the message will be sent FROM
  • ‘To Number’ field: phone number to send this message to. If you’re in test mode, try to select a test number. No message will be sent, and your account won’t be charged. A success response will be returned. Please check your ClickSend’s Message History to see the result.
  • ‘Message’ field: write the SMS message you would like to be sent. You can insert fields submitted by the user by selecting them from the ‘Insert merge code’ drop down. SMS message are limited to 1600 characters. Messages larger than 1600 characters will automatically be split into multiple SMS messages.


2. Allow multiple feeds for each of the form by click ‘Add New’



3. Allow conditional logic: When conditional logic is enabled, form submissions will only be exported to ClickSend when the condition is met. When disabled, all form submissions will be exported.


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