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Gravity Forms + Facebook Conversion Integration

This plugin helps integrating your Gravity Forms forms so that when users submit a form entry it will create new lead on Facebook Pixel instantly.

  • ‘Pixel ID’ field: get information from here

  • ‘Access Token’ field: get information from here

1.Allow multiple feeds for each of the form by clicking ‘Add New’

  • ‘Test Event Code’ field: Code used to verify that your server events are received correctly by Facebook 

  • ‘Event Name’ field: Set event name such as lead, purchase, …
  • ‘Currency & Value’ field: Select this option if event name is ‘Purchase’, or if events require the ‘Currency’ & ‘Value’ fields.
  • ‘Action Source’ field: This field allows you to specify where your conversions occurred. Knowing where your events took place helps ensure your ads go to the right people.
  • ‘Opt-out Of Ads Delivery Optimization’ field: A flag that indicates we should not use this event for ads delivery optimization.
  • ‘Event Id (Prefix)’ field: The admin to be able to type a short string into a text field, ie. red, then we have an 8 or 10 digit integer randomly generated each time the form is submitted, so the event ID that is sent to Facebook would be something like “red2836489027”
  • ‘Event Source URL’ field: The browser URL where the event happened. The URL must begin with http:// or https:// and should match the verified domain.
  • ‘Map Fields’ field: select the fields corresponding to those that the user wants to.

2. Allow conditional logic

3. Includes value of the transaction field


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