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Gravity Forms + Google Drive Integration Premium

  • If you use Google Drive for storing your files and the Gravity Forms plugin, you’re going to want this add-on
  • Integrate your Gravity Forms forms so that when users submit a form entry it will send attachment files to Google Drive instantly


All features:

  • Send attachment files from GravityForms to Google Drive instantly
  • Allow admin to select different folder on GoogleDrive to send files to, for each form there must be 1 folder to be selected
  • Allow selecting type of upload fields to send files to GoogleDrive
  • Create a specific sub-folder for each of entry in the parent GoogleDrive folder
  • Add a GoogleDrive folder link to the email content and entry detail so admin can easily check the uploaded images to GoogleDrive for each of the entry
  • Allow admin to select the slug URL of the current page where the form is placed on as the name of the sub-folder
  • Allow admin to map any form’s fields as sub-folder’s name
  • Allow admin to use merge tags to form sub-folder’s name
  • Allow admin to use shared Drive folder
  • Uploaded files are not being stored locally in the current WordPress hosting folder, but will only be stored/uploaded directly in the Google Drive destination folders


This plugin requires the usage of the Google Drive ‘Client ID’ & ‘Client Secret Key’ to display Google Drive files on the frontend, in order to work properly. To create a shortcode of the Google Drive in WP Display File Plugin, you need to create the ‘Client ID’ & ‘Client Secret Key’

Please follow this video for mode detail:

Or you can follow these steps to get a Google Drive ‘Client ID’ & ‘Client Secret Key’:

Please sign in with your Google Cloudconsole.

If you do not have a project please follow these steps.












Fill in fields: App name, User support email, Developer Contact information. Then click ‘Save and Continue’, and the last click ‘Back to Dashboard’





Scroll down, at ‘Authorized redirect URLs’ field, click “Add URL’. You get link in Setting of Google Drive Form and paste on it. And then ‘Create’.



You copy ‘App Key’ and ‘App Secret’ in here



And paste here. Then click ‘Click here to connect to Google Drive’





Google Drive setup is now complete



You need to set level folder in Setting Form



Depending on the level you select, you can get folder to that level





Now you can start using the add-on to upload files to Google Drive easily

You drag ‘File Upload’ to form


Or PDF file as instruction below:

Click ‘PDF’ on form setting



Then click ‘Add New’ button



After fill in informations, please click ‘Add PDF’



At ‘File Upload Field’ field in Google Drive Settings, you will see PDF that you have just create as images below





  • In ‘Google Drive Setting’, you have to enable ‘Google Drive Enabled’ to use this add-on.
  • ‘Enable Sub Folder’ field: Allow admin to enable/disable the ‘sub-folder’ feature. If this option is enabled, all the images will be uploaded to a sub-folder inside the parent folder
  • ‘File Upload Field’ field: Select the specific File Upload field that you want to be uploaded to Google Drive
  • ‘Destination Folder’ field: Select the folder in your Google Drive account where the files will be uploaded to. By default, all files are stored in the ‘Gravity Form Add-On’ folder within the Google Drive Apps folder in your Google Drive account. Allow admin to select max 3 levels for the Destination folder in the Setting page

And ‘Save Settings’

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