GravityForms + Google Calendar Add-on

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Getting Started #

Before we can begin, you’ll want to make sure you have the following:

Next, you will have to configure your add-on to include information such as Client ID, Client Secret, API key, if not, go to Credentials  and create one for yourself.

If your google account doesn’t have enabled Google Calendar API, go to Google Developer to turn it on quickly.

Then click the Copy button to copy Authorized redirect URIs and paste it into your credentials.

Now let’s navigate to the edit form page and create to test.

For this example I use a simple form with a title, a date field, some text to enter the location and description for the event.

Press the “Update” button and go to Google Calendar Feed Add-on settings.

Select “Add New”.

Here is how our feed settings page looks

Select the fields corresponding to what you created in the form, others keep them as default as we will explore them later. Click “Update Settings” button to save to changes.

After the update is successful, a Login with Button button will appear. Click it to log in and grant access to the google calendar with the account you want to create an event on when submitting the form.

Note: It will only work if you have copied authorized redirect URIs in the settings section and add it to OAuth Client ( Watch the video in the demo link above ).

If you still follow these instructions, after logging into google, you will be redirected back to the feed setting page just now ( “Login with Google” button will remain there so you can switch accounts at any time ).

Everything is ready,  now you can choose the calendar for which you want to create an event from the drop-down, then submit test form and it will create your google calendar event.

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